Structural Monitoring

This system is comprised of multiple interconnected electronic components that work as a system.

Structural Bearings

The bearings link the superstructure above and the substructure below in a specified manner, allowing a defined combination of forces, movements, rotations and moments to be transmitted between superstructure and substructure.

Expansion Joints

Our products satisfy the most rigorous standards in quality and safety and are widely used in large-scale construction projects such as airports, train stations, industrial plants, parking structures, shopping centres and hospitals.

Seismic Devices

The rubber and steel laminated bearing is designed to support the weight of the structure and to provide post-yield elasticity. Rubber provides the isolation and the re-centring of the bearing after a seismic event.

Vibration Damping

Tuned mass dampers are used, as passive damping systems, to reduce the natural frequencies of bridges, slabs, platforms and other structures.